Competition - Win Aston Villa vs Bayern Munich Commentator Notes.

We're giving away a framed copy of the commentator notes from our biggest night in Europe. They show the detail of preparation that commentators carry out before a big game. 
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In the words of the great Clive Tyldesley himself. 
Commentary charts are unique to each commentator. We all prepare a little differently. There is no right or wrong way. 
This is my way.
These are authentic match notes for some of the most famous games of the modern era in my own original style. This is what I look down on at kick off.
I made my radio commentary debut in 1976. I delivered my first television commentary in 1989. I have hand-written a chart like this for every match. The style, the layout and the colour coding have changed little in that time. Commentators are creatures of habit, and, even though I could compile the same range of information on a computer spreadsheet, the manual copying out remains part of the learning process.
The neat and precise design of the charts is also a psychological prop. Their tidy appearance provides a kind of comfort blanket, a mental confirmation that I have prepared fully. 
Fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail.


We set up the site with games I worked on but we received more and more requests from fans of other clubs asking for iconic games. The issue with Villa was a division between fans requesting '82 and others asking for a more recent memory.
I just took an executive decision that when you have been champions of Europe, that trumps everything else !



To be in with a chance of winning the Commentary Chart from Villa's greatest night, just sign up to our website and the winner will be selected on Monday.

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